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Our History: Former Faculty [Fall 2020 - this site is under construction as we update this list]: Macneil, Ian R. (1972-1974)

Tenured faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law through its history.

Ian R. Macneil, 1972-1974

Ian Macneil

Ian Macneil received a B.A. magna cum laude from the University of Vermont and a LL.B. magna cum laude from Harvard University. Macneil was a law clerk to the Hon. Peter Woodbury of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit from 1955-56 and an associate with Sulloway Hollis Godfrey & Soden from 1956-59. He was a member of the faculty of Cornell Law School from 1959-72. For the next two years he was professor of law and Center for Advanced Studies member at UVA. He returned to Cornell for six years before joining the faculty of Northwestern, where he taught until 1992. In 2000, Mr. Macneil was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for his unique contributions to the legal and academic profession. He was an international authority on contracts and arbitration who participated in seminars and lectured extensively in this country and abroad. He was innovative in expanding the theory of contracts to include social and psychological perspectives. His courses included Commercial Arbitration Seminar and Contracts. Macneil died in 2010.



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