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Our History: Former Faculty [Fall 2020 - this site is under construction as we update this list]: Levmore, Saul (1980-1998)

Tenured faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law through its history.

Saul Levmore, 1980-1998

Saul Levmore

A native of New York City, Levmore received a B.A. from Columbia in 1973, and a Ph.D. in economics in 1978 and J.D. in 1980, both from Yale. While a law student, he lectured in economics and served as dean of Jonathan Edwards College. He then joined the faculty of UVA Law, where he won the UVA Alumni Association’s Outstanding Young Teacher Award in 1984. He was a frequent lecturer at workshops and conferences at other law schools and was a visiting professor at Yale, University of Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, and Northwestern law schools. Levmore taught courses such as corporations, corporate tax, torts, comparative law, contracts and commercial law. He served as a consultant on the problems of business organization, taxation, commercial law, and development in the U.S. and in developing countries. In 1981 he co-authored the book Superstrategies for Puzzles and Games and in 1994 he edited Foundations of Tort Law. He left UVA to join the faculty of the University of Chicago School of Law, where he served as dean from 2001-2009. Upon leaving UVA, he told the Virginia Law Weekly, “I love UVA. It has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I love the faculty. I even love the students, and I think I have been the happiest person I know.”



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Articles and Book Chapters

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