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Our History: Former Faculty [Fall 2020 - this site is under construction as we update this list]: Whitebread, Charles Howard, II (1968-1981)

Tenured faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law through its history.

Charles Howard Whitebread, II, 1968-1981

Charles Whitebread

A summa cum laude graduate of Princeton and a 1968 graduate of Yale Law School, Charles Whitebread began his long teaching career with courses at UVA Law in Trusts and Estates and Criminal Procedure. He was awarded the Distinguished Professor Award in 1972, and again in 1980. An expert in criminal law and procedure and an astute observer of the Supreme Court of the United States, he published numerous law review articles and more than ten books, including Children in the Legal System and Criminal Procedure. Beginning in 1982, Whitebread published an annual booklet, Recent Decisions of the Supreme Court. He was also one of the first law professors to concentrate on the need for the juvenile law system to afford the same rights to juveniles as they did to accused adults. As much as he was a scholar of the law, Whitebread was also immensely popular with his students, believing that students deserved to have inspiring and interesting classes to help them to gain command over a subject. His primer, The Eight Secrets of Top Exam Performance in Law School, was a measure of that dedication. For most of his career, he was a lecturer for BAR/BRI in criminal law and procedure, and he helped students successfully study for and manage the anxiety associated with their bar exams. Each fall he visited over seventy law schools to speak to students about exam-taking techniques and general advice about how to succeed in law school. After serving as a visiting professor at the University of Southern California from 1980 to 1981, he joined that law school’s faculty. Whitebread often returned to Charlottesville to visit his friends at the Law School. When he returned in 1999 to serve as visiting professor for a year, Dean Scott described him as “one of the great teachers of the world.” Whitebread died in 2008.



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Articles and Book Chapters

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