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Our History: Former Faculty [Fall 2020 - this site is under construction as we update this list]: Ribble, Frederick Deane Goodwin (1921-1966)

Tenured faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law through its history.

Frederick Deane Goodwin Ribble, 1921-1966


F. D. G. ("Deane") Ribble received a B.A. from the College of William and Mary in 1916 and then came to the University of Virginia where he earned an M.A. in 1917 and an LL.B. in 1921. Later in that year he became the youngest member of the law faculty at Virginia and was promoted to full professor by 1927. A respected constitutional law scholar, Ribble taught that subject, as well as real property and public utilities. In addition to numerous law review articles, his publications included State and National Power over Commerce in 1937, and the second edition of Minor on Real Property in 1946. His colleague Emerson Spies described Ribble’s approach to instruction: “Deane as a teacher was a master of the Socratic method…Knowing that they would not be spoon-fed by Deane, students were challenged to seek their own conclusions.” Ribble assumed the position of dean in 1939 and remained in that job until 1963. His administrative leadership is credited with securing the University of Virginia’s place as a school of national standing and with doubling its enrollment. He worked to attract and retain outstanding scholars on the faculty by making salaries competitive. Soon thereafter, he began planning for the enlargement of Clark Hall and the expansion of the library holdings. In 1951-52 the Law School Foundation was established with Ribble's guidance, as well as that of alumni Walter Brown and Joseph Hartfield.

In addition, Ribble was involved in a number of extracurricular professional activities. From 1946 to 1951 he was on the U. S. Commission for UNESCO and was a delegate to the UNESCO Conferences in Beirut, 1948, and Paris, 1951. He also represented the United States at the 1950 Conference on Freedom of Information in Geneva. Ribble was also a strong advocate of civil rights and worked actively for the cause in the 1960s. He was especially disturbed by the closing of Prince Edward County's public schools and helped form the Free School Association which provided catch-up education for black children during the last school year (1963-1964) in which the public schools were closed. This successful program, for which Ribble was treasurer, was funded by donations from all over the country and supported by the office of U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, a former student of Ribble. In 1961 Ribble received the University’s highest honor, the Thomas Jefferson Award. Although his wife died in 1964, he continued living in Pavilion X, their home of 25 years, and taught one or two law classes each year until he retired in 1966. He died in 1970.



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