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Our History: Featured Alumni/ae: Kennedy, Michael L., 1984

Over the decades our graduates have developed distinguished careers as justices, members of Congress, ambassadors, educators, business people, and community leaders in many fields. This site features some of those late graduates.

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Michael LeMoyne Kennedy

Son of Robert F. Kennedy; Leading figure in Citizens Energy Corporation

Michael LeMoyne Kennedy was born February 27, 1958, the sixth of eleven children of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Skakel Kennedy. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Harvard College in 1980 and from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1984. In 1981, Kennedy married Victoria Gifford, daughter of former pro football player and sportscaster Frank Gifford. Michael Kennedy was the head of his brother Joseph Kennedy's non-profit organization, Citizens Energy Corporation, which provided heating fuel to the poor. He also helped organize his uncle Ted Kennedy's re-election campaign against Mitt Romney in 1994. Kennedy died at the end of 1997 in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado.

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