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Using the Library

Information about our services, facilities, policies, and procedures that will help you make the most of your UVA Law Library experience.

Library A to Z for the UVA Community

General Policies

Library patrons are expected to adhere to generally applicable Law School and University of Virginia policies and regulations regarding the use of University and Law School facilities and property, including but not limited to:

In addition to UVA and Law School policies and regulations, the following specific library use and conduct policies apply:

  1. Library patrons are expected to respect the rights of other patrons to use library resources and facilities in a quiet, clean, and peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Library patrons must not engage in disruptive activity or other behavior that interferes with the normal use and operation of the libraries. Such behavior includes but is not limited to: verbal abuse, yelling, intimidation, or harassment.
  3. In order to provide an optimum environment for using the Library, users should conduct cell phone conversations away from study and research areas and turn off ringers while in the Library.
  4. Food and drinks, within reason, are permitted in many Library locations. However, Library patrons are expected to be considerate of others and to avoid messy, smelly, or noisy food items. Aluminum cans and waste paper should be recycled in the proper receptacles. All other trash is to be disposed of properly.
  5. Food and drinks are prohibited in Special Collections areas and restricted at computer workstations and microform or other equipment susceptible to damage.
  6. Library restrooms are not to be used for bathing or other similar purposes.
  7. Do not trespass. No patrons are permitted to be in the library when it is closed. Your image may be recorded.
  8. Library patrons are responsible for their personal property at all times, and should never leave personal property unattended. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.
  9. Library patrons are expected to respect and care for all library materials, equipment, and property and may not remove such items from the Library without proper checkout or authorization.
  10. Library patrons must not maliciously access, alter, damage, or destroy any Library computer or database.
  11. Library patrons must respect a staff member’s request to relinquish a computer or other equipment for use by another patron.
  12. Library patrons are expected to comply with the Library’s policies (available at the Circulation Desk) regarding online viewing of sexually explicit materials.

Access to the Library

The Law Library is open to the entire University community as well as to the general public during posted operating hours. During exam periods access to the library is restricted to law students. Patrons in need of access to library materials during these times should contact the Circulation desk at 434-924-3384 for assistance.

The library's regular hours are 8 a.m. to midnight daily (with extended hours during exams and an abbreviated summer schedule). Patrons are not permitted to be in the library while it is closed. The doors to the law school building are automatically locked from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. on weekdays, and on weekends. Current UVA affiliates can get law building access added to their id card by contacting David Holsapple at

The main entrance to the Law School offers handicapped parking and automatic doors for wheelchair accessibility. The rear entrance offers a ramp and automatic doors that lead to an elevator to the first floor. Those who need assistance should call the Circulation desk at 434-924-3384. 

In case of a fire or other emergency, the second floor of the library is equipped with two "Areas of Rescue Assistance" for patrons with physical disabilities.

For questions or comments, please call or email Cathy Palombi, Access Services Librarian (434-924-3519; Additional information about services provided by the University for students with disabilities can be found on the UVA Services for Students with Disabilities web page (

Accounts, Logins and IDs

The University, the Law School, and the Library utilize many computer systems and networks and sometimes these systems require separate and unique user accounts.  Here's a guide to some of the most common ones you'll run into in the Law Library.

University Computing Account.  This is UVA's main computing account for UVA students, faculty and staff only. The computing ID is typically used with Netbadge, Home Directory, and the Lawschool domain (see below).

Lawschool Domain Account. This is used for logging into the Law School's computer network for access to the LawWeb intranet and networked printing services.  Non-Law patrons may establish Guest accounts as described below. Eservices login is not available on the library's public computers.

LawWeb. LawWeb is an intranet for the exclusive use of law school faculty and students. 

Virgo Account. Virgo is the main library system for finding and checking out books. Alumni and Virginia residents may register at the Circulation Desk using their driver's license as ID.

Library Databases, Lexis & Westlaw.  Most library subscriptions to electronic resources are restricted to users on the UVA network and do not require an individual login. Two exceptions are Lexis and Westlaw which are for law student use only. Non-Law patrons may use LexisNexis Academic, which is available UVA-wide.

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning Account. Non-Law patrons may create a Guest Login Account (see below) to enable network printing and track their printing and copying charges. 

Book Donations and Gifts

The Law Library welcomes the donation of books and gifts that enhance learning and support instruction at the Law School. Donations and gifts will be reviewed and accepted based on our current collection development policy. Donors may request that books and gifts that are not needed be returned, otherwise they will be disposed of properly. Accepted gifts and books become the property of the University of Virginia Law Library. Appraisal of accepted gifts and books will be done by the donor and not by the Law Library. Donations and gifts are handled by the Library Director, Amy Wharton.


Study carrels are available to faculty research assistants, L.L.M. and S.J.D students, and law school journal members for a semester or year. There are unassigned carrels on all three floors that can be used by anyone on a first come, first served basis for private study.

Cell Phones

In order to provide a quiet study atmosphere, patrons are asked to conduct phone conversations in the second floor copy room, the myLab space (second floor), the two second floor cell phone booths, or away from all study areas. Patrons are also asked to turn off ringers while in the library.

Checking Out Equipment

The library Circulation Desk keeps a number of electronic accessories and miscellaneous items available for checkout, or as a courtesy. These include:

  • Book stands (3 hour)
  • Phone chargers (3 hour)
  • Apple and PC chargers (3 hour)
  • External CD/DVD drives (3 hour)
  • Flash drives (3 hour)
  • Headphones (3 hour)
  • Bike pump (3 hour)
  • Umbrellas (1 day)
  • Envelopes
  • Plastic silverware
  • Light bulbs for library desk lamps
  • Ear plugs
  • First aid products
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Sewing Kit
  • Lint Brush

The Circulation desk does not, however, lend laptops or computer tablets. Please contact the IT department for these requests.


Most of the computers in the library require a login and a Law School computing account. Courtesy computers are available for patrons who do not have accounts. They are located near the Reference Desk on the second floor. These computers are reserved for short-term academic and legal research use only. Printing is not available, so patrons are encouraged to use cloud storage or USB flash drives to save the results of their research.

Contact Information

Phone: (434) 924-3384
FAX: (434) 982-7239
Web Page:
Address: 580 Massie Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Messenger Mail: PO Box 400405 Law School Building

Copiers, Printers and Scanners

Multifunction printers, copiers and scanners are located throughout the library for law student use.  Printing and copying fees for Law students vary from 5 cents per page for pre-paid accounts to 25 cents per page for color printing. For complete information on the multifunction printers in the library and instructions on setting up your account, see the Printing, Copying & Scanning FAQ. Non-Law patrons should inquire at the Circulation Desk to find out about the printing/scanning options available to them.

Databases, E-Subscriptions, E-Books, and E-Journals

The Law Library and the University Library subscribe jointly and separately to many electronic resources under various licensing arrangements. For information on these databases, e-journals and e-books (including access instructions and restrictions), see the Databases A to Z guide.

DVDs and Videos

The DVD and video collection is available for checkout only to students, faculty, or staff members of UVA. The loan period is for 7 days. Students may borrow up to 2 titles at a time, and returns may be made to any UVA library. 

Finding Books and Articles

Virgo is the online catalog for the University of Virginia. Users may limit their searches to materials located in the Law Library or may search for all materials, online and in print, held by UVA libraries. Virgo can help patrons find books, call numbers, databases, electronic journals, audio and video materials, and online articles. Public computers are available for all patrons in the first floor reading room and near the Reference Desk.  For floor maps of the library you can either click on the Map icon for specific directions while viewing your item in Virgo or you can view the Maps & Directions Guide for collection location information.


Food is permitted in the library, as long as it's not smelly, noisy, or messy.  Beverages in covered containers are permitted in all areas except the computer, media and microform areas. No smoking or vaping are allowed.

Instructional Videos on Using Library Resources

The Law Library's reference librarians have prepared a series of brief, instructional videos for law students as well as for public patrons. The topics range from "Introduction to Basic Legal Citations" and "How to Find Materials in the UVa Libraries" to "Researching Modifying Child Support in Virginia." These may be found at Library Research and Instruction.

Interlibrary Loan Services

UVA students, faculty and staff may request materials from other libraries. Registration is required. 

Legal Research

The Research Guide contains links to helpful information about legal research methods and tools available in the library and online. Reference Desk services and hours are posted at

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are kept on open shelves in the Reserve room, except for items of value such as keys, wallets, and jewelry. Inquire about these at the Circulation Desk.

Maps and Directions

For floor maps of the library with collection location information, driving directions, and maps of UVA Grounds, see the Visiting the Library page.

Media and Microforms

The microform collection contains the equivalent of 180,000 volumes, and is located on the second floor, behind myLab. Reader/printers are also available, free of charge, for anyone wanting to view or make copies. The office of the Media Librarian, Micheal Klepper ( or 434-924-3495), is located opposite the microform area and questions regarding the collection and equipment should be directed to him.

Mobile Access to Library Information

An increasing number of online resources are becoming available through sites that are friendly to mobile devices. We're also working toward enhancing the Law Library website to provide a better experience for our mobile device users and to provide information about apps that are useful for research. Visit the mobile site and let us know what you think.

Overdue Books and Fines


10 cents per day per item; $5 maximum per item

Periodicals and Recalled Items

$1 per day per item; $20 maximum per item

In-Library and Overnight Reserve

$1 per hour per item; $20 maximum per item

DVD’s, Videos, Sound Recordings

$1 per day per item; $20 maximum per item


When materials are returned late and fines have accrued to $10.00 or more, the user is billed. Bills should be paid within 30 days and can be paid at any University Library, except Health Sciences. Bills unpaid after 30 days are referred to the University Student Financial Services for collection. Library privileges are suspended and students are barred from registration, graduation and other University-wide privileges until the account is settled. When materials are not returned and become long overdue the user is billed for replacement cost and library privileges are suspended. This includes use of Special Collections, Interlibrary Services and LEO book delivery. If materials are not returned or paid for within 30 days of billing, the bill is referred to the University Student Financial Services for collection. This action bars students from registration, graduation and other University-wide privileges. Accounts that have not been referred to Student Financial Services may be cleared at any library circulation unit by returning the items and paying the fines. If the account has been referred to Student Financial Services, payment must be made there (Carruthers Hall). Payment for materials found and returned within 90 days of payment will be refunded. Prompt response to bills from the library will avoid referral.


Visitor parking is very limited at the Law School. There are several spaces in the lot on Nash Road that are reserved for guests of the Law School and for people requiring accommodation. Guests must register at the receptionist's desk in Clay Hall to receive a parking permit. There are also some metered spaces in the D2 lot. Street parking is available on Arlington Blvd and on Millmont Road.

Photography and Videography

Filming and photography by UVA Law students, faculty and staff are permitted in the Law Library, but in no cases may patrons be disturbed or inconvenienced. Additional policies apply to Law Special Collections materials.

Privacy Policy

The Law Library supports our patrons’ confidentiality and privacy rights as expressed in the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics, in UVA’s Data Protection of University Information​, and in the American Association of Law Libraries’ Ethical Principles. We maintain a minimal amount of personal information on the library’s systems in order to process circulation transactions, e-mail notifications, overdue fine collections, etc. but this information is never shared with third parties except as required by law. 

The library collects usage analytics on some of its web pages by means of first-party cookies. No personal identification information is collected. You may opt out by turning off cookies on your browser or by using an opt-out add-on. 

About Reference Services

Need help locating a few resources for a cite check or paper? Reference librarians are on duty to assist students five days a week when the Law School is in session.

Hours and Location

The Reference Desk is centrally located on the second floor of the Law Library.

Regular Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Reference librarians can also be reached by telephone at (434) 924-7465 or by e-mail at



Services for the Public 

The Law Library can provide research guidance, but we cannot interpret the law or provide legal advice. We cannot, for example, find statutes applicable to a particular subject or a specific set of facts. This is an inquiry that requires you to exercise your own legal judgment. Persons needing assistance in analyzing a legal problem are advised to consult an attorney.

Email reference service is intended primarily for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Virginia. If you are not affiliated with UVA, we will reply to your inquiry only if it relates to the School of Law or to a resource unique to the Law Library.



Research Consultation Services for Students

Every successful in-depth research project begins with a solid research plan. Our research librarians are available to help students develop research plans and to guide students through successful use of the library's extensive collections. Feel free to stop by the Reference Desk on the second floor anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students are also welcome to schedule a consultation with a librarian at any point in their research process. 

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with a specific librarian, their contact information is listed below.

Remote Access to Network Databases

Most library databases and e-resources are restricted by license to users on the UVA network.  However, UVA-affiliated users may access these resources from home or from other remote sites by means of our EZProxy server or the UVaAnywhere service. For information on these services and how to register, visit our Off Grounds Access FAQ page.

Renewal Requests

Most materials may be renewed by calling the Circulation Desk (924-3384) or by logging into your personal Virgo account. Interlibrary loan items cannot usually be renewed; renewal information is posted on the cover of the item borrowed, or you can contact the Reference Desk (924-7465; to inquire about an ILL renewal.

Research Tools

The library has created a number of Research Guides to help our patrons get started with their legal research, learn about the electronic resources available at UVA, and find books and other materials in the library. 

Special Collections

The Special Collections department is on the third floor of the library and contains rare books, manuscripts and archival materials. Visitors to Special Collections are encouraged to contact the library in advance at to schedule an appointment. For complete information on using Special Collections see the Special Collections website.

Staff Listing

Ashbrook Leslie Reference 243-2493 WB235
Ashley Jon Business Research 924-4730 WB282
Boudouris Kate Research, Instruction & Outreach 924-2522 WB237B
Breeden Tim Circulation 924-0940 Circulation
Brown Cecilia Special Collections 924-6703 WB262
Doherty Ben Reference 924-7726 WB234
Flaherty Randi Special Collections 924-6355 WB237a
Glover Kristin Reference 243-2494 WB232b
Gobin Kip Serials 924-3745 WB264c
Kiesler Diana Foreign and International 982-2847 WB236a
Klepper Micheal Publications/Microforms 924-3495 WB209
Luu Xinh Foreign and International 924-3970 WB233b
Moulds Loren Digital Collections 924-3877 WB303c
New Sarah Web Services 924-4988 WB264a
Olson Kent Reference 924-4734 WB233a
Owen Rebecca Hawes Faculty Services Coordinator 924-8558 Circulation
Palombi Cathy Access Services 924-3519 WB117
Roper John Business Research 924-4327 WB262a
Seale Anita Cataloging 924-3460 WB264b
Simpson Marnita Government Documents 924-3504 WB211
West Joy Acquisitions 924-0502 WB262b
Wharton Amy Director 924-1816 WB237c
Wood Carol Sue Serials & Web Services 924-0957 WB262

UVA Library System

The UVA library system consists of the University of Virginia Library (Alderman Library, Clemons Library and departmental libraries) as well as the independent, professional school libraries for Health Sciences, Business and Law. All the libraries use the same Virgo library catalog for checking materials out although there are sometimes slight local variations in circulation policies. For more information on the UVA library system, see the University of Virginia Library web site.

VIRGO Library Catalog

Virgo is UVA's library catalog. It is the primary resource for finding books and articles, for looking up call numbers and locations, for placing Inter-Library Loan requests, for recalling items that are checked out, and for requesting items from the off-site Ivy Storage facility. It is also a source for linking to the electronic resources and databases covered under library subscriptions. There is an older version of Virgo called Virgo Classic which has a more traditional interface with browse search functionality.

The Virgo login at the top of the screen uses Netbadge authentication to show your current checkouts, due dates, renewals, etc. Interlibrary loan PIN numbers for law faculty are managed by the library since faculty Interlibrary loan requests are normally handled by refdesk. Interlibrary loan PIN numbers for law students usually consist of the last 4 digits of your UVA ID number or last 4 digits of your SSN.

Wireless Access

Wireless computing is available to University students, faculty and staff on a secured wireless network (Cavalier). All other patrons have the choice of using the library's public computers or connecting to the UVA Guest wireless network. If you choose the UVA Guest network, visit and click Connect Now to get online.  (Note: Guests will not be able to access NetBadge-protected resources or use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing when on the UVA Guest network.)