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Principles of Legal Research: Links

Links to accompany Kent C. Olson, Principles of Legal Research (West, 2009).


Links by Chapter

Chapter 1. Introduction: Context and Process

Chapter 2. Constitutional Law

Chapter 3. The Legislature, Part 1: Statutes

Chapter 4. The Legislature, Part 2: Legislative Information

Chapter 5. The Executive Branch

Chapter 6. The Judiciary, Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 7. The Judiciary, Part 2: Case Law Sources

Chapter 8. The Judiciary, Part 3: Case Research

Chapter 9. The Judiciary, Part 4: Other Court Information

Chapter 10. Secondary Sources, Part 1: Encyclopedias, Restatements, and Texts

Chapter 11. Secondary Sources, Part 2: Periodicals

Chapter 12. Secondary Sources, Part 3: Reference Resources

Chapter 13. International Law

Chapter 14. The Law of Other Countries

About This Guide

This page provides links to Web sites discussed or mentioned in Kent C. Olson, Principles of Legal Research (West, 2009). It was last modified on February 10, 2014. URLs marked with asterisks have changed since publication of the book.

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