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Legal Research for Law Students: Help with LR&W

So, your first-year classes are giving you a basic understanding of how law is made; now, how do you find it? This guide is a brief introduction to the sources of law you may be researching and how to access them.

LR&W Help: Library Liaisons

A Library Liaison is ready to help you with your LR&W library research assignment. Follow the link to your liaison's calendar to schedule your research team's library appointment.


Professor & Section(s) Library Liaison   Contact & Schedule an Appointment  

Professor Fore

Section A

Jon Ashley

WB282 (hallway behind Foreign Materials)



Professor Buck

Section B

Kristin Glover

WB232b (to the right of the Reference Desk)

Kristin Glover's Office Location


Professor Buck

Section C

Kate Boudouris

Special Collections, 3rd floor


Professor Buck

Section D

Ben Doherty

WB234 (behind the Reference Desk)


Professor Ware

Section E

Micheal Klepper

WB209 (hallway to the right [from ref. desk] of MyLab)


Professor Fore

Section F

John Roper

WB262a (ask at Reference Desk)


Professor Ware

Section G

Amy Wharton



Professor Buck

Section H

Kent Olson

WB233a (to right of the Reference Desk)


Professor Fore

Section I

Cathy Palombi

WB117 (behind Circulation Desk)


Professor Ware

Section J

Alex Jakubow

WB280 (hallway behind the Foreign Materials)

Alex Jakubow's Office Location


Tips on Using the Books

Want more quick tips on using the sources for your assignment? Check out the short videos and graphic below.


Video: How to Use a Digest to Find Cases in the Library

Video: How to use American Law Reports (ALR) to Find Cases

Infographic: Using Legal Encyclopedias

Using American Law Reports