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E-Subscription Databases: Using CCH's OmniTax Service

Databases and other web-delivered information sources subscribed to by the University of Virginia and UVA Law libraries.

Tips for Using CCH OmniTax via IntelliConnect

Access IntelliConnect through or through any of the quick links on this page.

Once there, the plus signs, check boxes and the search box will help you find materials. 

  • Plus signs can be clicked to let you browse material within a particular title, so they cause the menu to act like a table of contents. Clicking additional right-indented check boxes will get you to increasingly specific material, down to the document level.  
  • Check boxes allow you to select a subset of materials to search and the search box is where you can type keywords (e.g., home office deduction) or connectors, phrases and wildcards (W/nF/nP/nW/sen, and W/par, *, ?, e.g., "home office" OR deduct* w/sen expenses).

Are you a regular user of CCH Tax materials?
You may want to request a personal password, which will let you customize IntelliConnect to give you quicker access to your favorite publications and establish personalized research folders and news trackers.

Quick Links to Popular CCH Tax Titles Online

For U.Va. users only:

     OmniTax Home